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The story of UnforGoatable Goods.

I suppose I will start with the basics. My name is Sabrina Dobbins and I am 20 years old. I currently reside on a small farm in beautiful Southern Maryland. I am "technically" in my junior year of college working towards my bachelor's degree in communications.

I own one Chincoteague Pony(see picture above) named A Feather's Blessing AKA Blessing. I bought her in 2014 as a three month of filly with the help of an incredible organization known as The Feather Fund.

I started showing commercial breeding goats in about 2011 at local 4-H shows. I leased my step-brother's goats and he taught me everything that I know from how to properly fit them to how to show. I also started showing my step-brother's sheep. In 2013, I bought my first La Mancha dairy goat from Pennsylvania named Avanna(I now have a best-selling soap named after her!). She showed me how personable these incredible goats were. When I bought her, I boarded her at a variety of different farms. I lost Avanna to a very rare type of mastitis which is an infection in the mammary glands.

After Avanna, I purchased three young La Mancha does and fell in love with them! You can check out more about these girls in the previous blog post!

When they were finally old enough to be bred, I purchased a buck from Virginia. Shortly after(well about 5 months after), I had babies! Camilla gave me two beautiful girls and Carmella had two healthy boys. My sister's doe gave us one energetic boy as well.

When does kid, they make milk. A lot of milk. Between these three does, we were getting a gallon and a half every single day. I decided to keep the milk and freeze it, just in case I needed it for something. Maybe a friend needed some for their goats? Maybe I would get really thirsty?

Anyways, our chest freezer quickly filled up. Milk was everywhere I could fit it; in the outside freezer, the inside freezer, ice cube trays, anywhere.

One evening, my mother came home from work and I heard some explicit language coming from our garage. I ran outside to find my mother rearranging the freezer in an attempt to find room for the groceries she had just bought.

It was that evening that I decided that something had to be done with all of the milk.

Here we are today, a year later with an awesome soap business. As a thank you for reading this blog post, use coupon code BLOG6 for 10% off your next order!

Feel free to leave comments, questions or concerns!

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